Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Your work environment should both, reflect your professionalism and stimulate your team. It also has to provide an atmosphere where the air is clean and bacteria free.

In an office environment, the state of the carpets, the stains on the chairs and dust in the cubicle walls are often unsuspected sources of bacteria and allergens. This results in a high rate of absenteeism and discomfort throughout the year.


In the field of restoration, the customers will determine in a glance if the cleanliness of the establishment is satisfactory. They will immediately spot the grease stains in the carpets, chairs and benches. Wouldn’t you want to provide a positive impression of your restaurant to your customers? What image are you currently providing? If the answer is less than great, discover how easy and affordable our services are. Give us a call today!


Regardless of the environment in which you operate your business, you can only count on the first impression to generate a positive word of mouth. Air Plus has the ability to adapt to your needs and business hours. We will do more than clean: We will give your carpets and furniture a second life! We’ll improve the air quality by eliminating all bacteria while leaving a refreshing aroma.

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