About Us

We are Air Duct Cleaning Specialists

Air Plus Montreal is a firm which specializes in the cleaning of residential, commercial, industrial and institutional ventilation systems. We are serving the greater Montreal area. Contact us to learn more about our services.

At Air Plus Montreal, we know that the daily output of people who live in a building or who work there is closely linked to the ambient air which they breathe. In fact, recent statistics show that absenteeism, lack of productivity and medical expenses due to problems of air quality, cost millions of dollars each year in Quebec.

Air Plus Montreal offers a dedicated team of specialists and technicians whose main ambition is excellence and total satisfaction of its customers. Our services include air duct cleaning, commercial air duct and ventilation cleaning and also dryer and industrial dryer system cleaning.

The company has quickly built a solid reputation thanks to the quality of its services and the accuracy of the proposed solutions.

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