Over 30 Years of Experience

Over 30 years serving the greater Montreal area

Our story started in the later half of the 80’s. For several years, more and more people had suspicion that dirty air ducts were causing illness such as allergies and unexplained health discomfort at home and at work. Back then there were a few companies around offering duct cleaning, but with old and primitive techniques which utilized ” shopvac” type equipment. These cleaning turn out to be more of a ” show ” than a problem solver as they barely removed 5-20% of the dirt found in the ventilation system. Sadly, these companies are still around today and use the same technics, they are often referred to as ”blow-n-go “.

Right from the get go, we noticed that there had to be better ways, and so, we developed better methods and strived to improve the existing techniques to insure that every inch of the systems were carefully and completely cleaned. Throughout the years, our family business has been recognized as a pioneer in the world of air duct cleaning and our innovating methods have helped to shape the modern techniques used today.

Our mission has always been to offer the BEST DUCT CLEANING the industry has to offer! By using the right equipment, techniques, and dedicated technicians that have gone through highly qualified training.

That is why over the years we have affectionately adopted our signature slogan:

“Welcome To The New Generation Of Air Duct Cleaning”

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